FILMS @ ZEFFS: Fabulous short films courtesy of Kendal Mountain Festival

Date: Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2017

Time: Call 015394 33845 to find out the timings

Venue: Zeffirellis, Compston Road

Price: tbc

Immerse yourself in the world of adventures from the fells of the Lake District to the far-flung corners of the globe in this fabulous collection of short film from the Kendal Mountain Festival.

The films will be running as two loops in the fine surroundings of Zeffirellis, so there’s no excuse not to settle down into their seats for a visual and audio spectacular!

Here is what you will be seeing:

Doing It Scared

British climber – now resident of Tasmania, Australia – Paul Pritchard, was one of the leading climbers and mountaineers of the 1980s and 1990s, renowned for his hard and extremely bold first ascents. In 1998 Paul was abseiling in to climb the Totem Pole in Tasmania when he dislodged a rock with his rope that hit him on the head, leaving him with a severe head injury that he was lucky to survive.  The aftermath of the accident left him with hemiplegia, which means he has little feeling  or movement in the right side of this body. Despite this disability, Paul’s continued to live  a life filled with adventure.  Eighteen years later Paul returns to the Totem Pole to find out if he has recovered enough to finish the climb.


Iran: A Skier’s Journey

Skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots travel to Iran and are astounded by the profound warmth of the people and  stunned by the immense beauty of the landscape and culture

of the Alborz and Zagros mountains.


Link Sar West

The story of Link Sar West follows a team of alpinists over the course of four years as they try, and ultimately fail, to make the first ascent of this Karakorum 7000m peak. More than just a story about climbing, the film reveals the harsh realities of what new routing is like in the Karakorum Himalayas – from terrifying storms to illness high up in the mountain. It is also a story about the raw beauty of the mountains in this part of the world, contrasting heavily with epic scenery of humans suffering and finding their mental and physical limits in this unforgiving environment. Shot by photographer Jon Griffith, including never-before-taken aerial footage in these high altitudes, the film promises footage of wild, scary, and remote locations that few have ever seen.


Tom Siepp – A mountain journal

Tom is 11 and just loves riding his bikes with his dad, no matter what the terrain, no matter what the weather. Having completed two Strathpuffer 24-hour races he has racked up the miles over the last few years. Driven to just enjoy being out, he has big plans as he looks to drag his dad along the 2,700+ miles of the Great Divide.



Portrait about artist, photographer and outdoor swimmer Vivienne Rickman-Poole. Once a fine art graduate and now an obsessive wild swimmer, Vivienne’s Swim Snowdonia project to document swimming every llyn (lake), pool and river in Snowdonia has become a life’s work ­– and earned her something of a cult following.


Han Son Doong

It is the largest cave in the world, with its own sheer rocky cliffs, jungle-like vegetation and climate. Photographer Ryan Deboodt relies on a drone to capture footage showing the immense size of the Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam. The result is a spectacular video showcasing the dramatic topography inside the cave, which is 5.5 miles long, 650ft wide and 500ft high.


The Accord

The reality of growing up a surfer in Iceland is different from anywhere else in the world. It’s a harsh place; there are no surf shops, guidebooks or webcams. But being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the known surf world hardens Iceland’s surfers to confront the issue they all must face: the North Atlantic wind. Follow Heiðar Logi Elíasson on his journey through Iceland searching for that rare, yet significant, compromise that brings both Icelandic surfers and the North Atlantic wind to the table.


I Porter

In April of 2014 Rob Fraser spent three weeks in the Everest region working as a porter on the legendary trail to Base Camp. He ate with the porters, slept in their lodges and lugged a full porter load of 35 kilograms up to Gorak Shep, which sits in the shadows of giant peaks and is the highest settlement along the route. He walked for up to 8 hours each day in hot and dusty conditions. By the second day his calves were sore, his shoulders hurt and both feet were in a bit of a mess. And he had a horrible sore spot developing on the base of his spine. At this point he seriously began to realise just how tough the porters really are.


The Runner

The Runner is a story about endurance. Ambleside’s Ben Abdelnoor was a child who loved to run. He loved the outdoors. Then one awful day, he broke his back. This is the beautiful, heart warming story, of how Ben fought back from injury, defied expectations and became The Runner.



Freediver Johanna Nordblad uses the ice to help heal her injury. A film about one person doing amazing things in a harsh environment with temperatures of minus 14 degrees.


Foothills – The unlinked heritage of snowboarding

The people of Petran, Turkey, have been snowboarding for roughly 300 years, but not

snowboarding as we know it. We follow Alex Yoder and Nick Russell into Turkey’s Kaçkar Mountains.


A Shepherd’s Hand

Lakeland endurance running, the slow game of energy and emotion, anxiety and anticipation: an unfolding physical landscape that you run through and an emotional landscape that runs through you. Set within an attempt on the Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge this poetic film pays tribute to Joss himself and his inspirational status in the world of fell running.


Flashes of the Altai

Three childhood friends set out for the far western corner of Mongolia to combine mountain biking and packrafting in a self-supported adventure into the unknown. The goal was to traverse the Mongolian Altai, a remote range of high glaciated peaks with silt-laden rivers draining from their heights. The only inhabitants of the region are
Kazakh nomads, the last people on earth who continue the tradition of hunting with golden eagles. Ancient standing stones carved over the millennia stand guard over the landscape.  Twelve days in the wilderness, riding over high passes loaded with gear, surviving  raging whitewater, drinking fermented mare’s milk, and battling the elements – this was not an adventure these young lads would soon forget.


The Place

In a workplace situated higher than any other in Poland, the constant nocturnal observation of the surrounding world is an unbroken norm. The employees suspended in beyond time and space in ‘The Place’ remain at their posts, unshaken and immovable, despite reversals, adversities and startling situations.



Dave Allfrey and Cheyne Lempe experience the wild beauty of Baffin Island in the northern wastes of Canada, and this is their story about a dream that goes haywire. A terrifying mishap results in the contemplation of life and the cost of adventure.


King of the Mountain

Samuel Mugisha always dreamed of professional cycling as a way to support his family. After he won a coveted spot on Team Rwanda, his dream grew. In a country still showing the scars of genocide, Samuel discovered that cycling for his country comes with important responsibilities.