KIRKSTONE CAR PULL: now that’s what we call a Struggle!

Date: Sunday 24 September

Time: 11.00am

Venue: Ambleside town centre to Kirkstone Pass via The Struggle

Starting from: Ambleside Post Office, North Road.

Last year’s Car Pull, in which a team of women hauled a car all the way from the centre of Ambleside to the summit of Kirkstone Pass, was one of the spectator highlights of Festival of the Fells.

The orange-clad women broke their record by completing the pull up the fearsome slopes of The Struggle in 1 hour 4 minutes.

This year they taking part yet again with their goal being the breaking of the magic 1-hour barrier, and once again a local charity will benefit.

And it’s also likely that a men’s team will be tackling the same course (details to be confirmed).

The organiser is Dave Reynolds whose telephone number is 015394 44693.


How the Westmorland Gazette website reported the car pull last year

DATE: Sunday 25 September

Last year, a group of women pulled a car up the three-mile rise from Ambleside to Kirkstone Pass – including the fearsome climb known as The Struggle – in just 1 hour 4 minutes and 23 seconds, beating the previous record for this charity car pull by 19 seconds.

Can they do it again? Well, you can watch them, and support them, in this years attempt as 30 brave women try to go one better.

The men’s event takes place 30 minutes later.

TIME: 10.30am (women); 11am ()
START FROM: Ambleside Post Office

NOTE: Spectators have to be behind the car for health and safety reasons or at the top of The Struggle as accidents can happen.

For more details, call organiser Dave Reynolds on 015394-44693.