Festival of the Fells

LOCATION: Ambleside and surrounds

DATES: Thursday 21 September – Sunday 25 September, 2017

SPONSOR: Heart of the Lakes – www.heartofthelakes.co.uk

BACKGROUND: The festival is being organised by the group Ambleside Together, which was formed in January 2016 to promote the town in the wake of the December 2015 floods. Since then, the ʻLove Amblesideʼ branding campaign has been launched on social media and with a website (www.loveambleside.uk), and most of the shops in the town have put up window stickers with its distinctive heart logo. ʻLove Amblesideʼ is the public face of Ambleside Together.

THE FESTIVAL: Itʼs a mountain, outdoor-activity and cultural festival, designed particularly to appeal to fell lovers of all levels, but there is plenty of interest for people who just . . . well, Love Ambleside!


Because of the nature of many of the events, PRE-BOOKING is not only advised but could be essential.  The organisers of the festival are not responsible in any way for booking; all events have been offered by suppliers in good faith and festival-goers have to book through the suppliers – please check their terms and conditions.

Festival Sponsors